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Heraldry in the SCA

The device of Lord Thaddeus von Orlam´┐Żnde The SCA term Heraldry can mean one of three things...

Personal, territorial and group 'logo' heraldry deals with artwork called 'blazonry', which you might know as "coats of arms", or the decoration on a shield. SCA Heralds help members devise their very own distinct personal armory, which the member can then register with the Society. That way the armory belongs to the member alone.

Heralds who study names will help members choose an SCA name that is appropriate for their SCA persona. For example, if you want to portray a 16th-century Englishman, a Herald can help you find a first and last name that would be appropriate for that place and time.

Protocol heralds are "Masters of Ceremony" and "Criers", the people you hear crying "Oyez!" (pronounced "o-yay"). They inform us of what's going on during an event (crying the camp), who's fighting in the Lists (tournament Heralds), and who's being given what award in Court (court heralds). Protocol heralds also enjoy keeping track of ceremonies and the Order of Precedence, which can be a quite complicated and daunting task.

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